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So glad you've found a moment to check us out!  You've landed on the most comprehensive, most customizable, most accessible Star Wars fan and collector's resource on the Internet.  Stay a while, see what we've got to offer, and sign up for a free account today!

Enough data to pull the ears off a gundark

You want it all, we've got it all.  Our catalog contains every film, TV episode, novel, short story, comic book, and fan magazine ever published under the Star Wars brand - as well as all the behind-the-scenes and other non-fiction commentary you could ever ask for.  Find what you're looking for by publisher, writer, and place in the Star Wars timeline!

Our Toy Catalog has 40 years worth of action figures, vehicles, Lego sets, die cast cars, plush toys, bobbleheads and more.  Everything is organized for easy search and cross-reference - find what you're looking for by date, character, story, product line - you name it.  

Define your collection - then keep track of it right here

With a free account at happy beeps, you can set up your own custom views into the Star Wars merchandising universe, and come back to it whenever you want.  Vintage figures only?  Love Princess Leia?  Huge bobblehead fan?  Whatever your preference, record it here at Happy Beeps, and we'll return all the items that match.  Then, with one click tell us what you own and what you don't own, and we can tell you just how close you are to having a complete collection of all the things you love!  Best of all, come back any time to find out about anything new coming out that matches up!

One-of-a-kind insights and photo galleries from other collectors!

Here at Happy Beeps we're into data, and making it interesting.  Our Chart of the Day feature provides a series of visual representations of production phenomena we bet you’ll find fascinating.  And the Collector’s Galleries gives everyone in our community a chance to do what they love best - show off and share with other collectors!  Add your own gallery today!

The Alliance

Last but certainly not least, Happy Beeps would be nothing without our amazing partners.  Check out the amazing content at Once Upon a Galaxy and Jedi Temple Archives for even more amazing insights into Star Wars toys and publishing.


You’re looking at a “beta” release of Happy Beeps for now, which means we’ve still got work to do (you'll notice a lot of our images are still in progress).  Lots more to come this year as we approach Episode IX, The Mandalorian, Disney's Galaxy's Edge, and more - it's the best time ever to be a Star Wars fan, and Happy Beeps is here to help you get the most out of it.  We really want to hear what you have to think about all this - what you like and don’t like about the Happy Beeps experience.  So don't wait - create a free account today, and take a moment to contact us or visit our suggestion box, and let us know how we can improve!


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