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The Truths We Cling To

Happy Beeps kicks off a new commentary series about morality and Star Wars!

Welcome to Happy Beeps!

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Interactive Box Office Model

Check out how each of the 11 Sar Wars movies to date have performed in raw box office numbers and adjusted for 40-year changes in ticket prices!

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Rey....Just Rey

Rey Merchandising 2015-2020!!

Is this really the end of the Skywalker saga?  Or will our favorite scavenger be back to carry on her master's legacy?  In the meantime, we'll miss all the wonderful Rey likenesses since her debut in 2015.  Here's ...

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Annie Liebovitz Vanity Fair spread for Episode IX

A modern Star Wars tradition continues with gorgeous images and secrets from behind the scenes

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The Truths We Cling To: Episode IV

Happy Beeps' new commentary series kicks off!

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Happy Beeps museum added to Galleries!

The collection that got it all started - check out my pictures in the Happy Beeps gallery, and then add your ...

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