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Happy Beeps Showcase: A New Hope

Most importantly, remember this: We might want to be Han Solo, or Princess Leia, but like it or not we are ALL Luke Skywalker.  Every ounce of potential any of us ever had was once totally out of sight, hidden from view becuase we were impatient, awkward, naive, and unfocused. If you don't believe me, ask your parents.  But fear not.   Surround yourself with friends you can count on, and make sure they could count on you.  Be prepared for sacrifce and loss and a cost for doing what's right.  And remember above all that the difference between providence and luck is a CHOICE - a choice to believe in hope, to have faith, and finally to summon the courage to "let go".    

Here endeth today's lesson. Today Happy Beeps offers a deep dive into the 1977 movie that started it all, teaching us what we all desperately needed to learn and kicking off 42 years of movie magic in the process.  For those of who haven't checked out our Box Office Model, head over and mess around with the interactive charts - among other things you'll find that that adjusting for inflation, Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope has earned over 20% of the ticket sales revenue of the entire franchise over 42 years, contributing more than any other Star Wars movie by an average factor of 2 to 1.  By coincidence, notwithstanding source material from 11 movies plus TV and the expanded universe, A New Hope forms the basis for just about 20% of all the action figures, Lego sets, die cast cars, Funko Pop Vinyl, and die cast cars produced over the last 40 years.  More toys based on A New Hope have been produced in the last five years than in any other period of Star Wars production.  On the publishing side, 285 works of fiction and non-fiction have been based just on the original Star Wars, including 72 individual short stories, 31 full length and short comic adaptations from around the world, 37 fan and general interest magazines, 19 children's book adaptations, 8 different YA adaptations, and 6 different art books. You can find the details on all this and more in our Reports section or our fully interactive Toys and Publishing catalogs.  Have fun and MTFBWY!


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