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How many characters, How many action figures?

By the count of the Happy Beeps Toys Catalog, Kenner, Hasbro, and Disney have produced 3466 action figures for a total of 923 Star Wars characters, counting all size scales, material, and articulations (and including, of course, Star Wars Transformers).  That's an average of   more than 3.75 figures produced for each character - but of course that doesn't break down evenly.  Think you can guess how many figures were produced for each character, going all the way back to 1977?

Let's break it down - and for the purpose of this analysis, we're ignoring creatures, vehicles, and location set pieces, as well as all repacks (but we are counting new paint jobs and any tweaks to a figure's sculpt).

101-200 Figures: Only three (3) characters make the grade here...Anakin Skywalker / Darth Vader with a whopping 174 figures, Luke Skywalker with 160 despite appearing in about half as many movies as his old man, and Han Solo at 115 thanks to a big boost from his origin story this year.

51-100 Figures: Seven (7) characters total, and they are - Obi-Wan Kenobi (97), a generic Clone Trooper (86), Princess Leia (82), R2-D2 (63), C-3PO (53), Chewbacca (53), and the Master himself, Yoda (51).

21-50 Figures: Fifteen (15) characters here, including but not limited to Boba Fett (44), Darth Maul (43), Palpatine (42), Padme Amidala (41), Rey (30), and Lando Calrissian (26).

11-20 Figures: Twenty-five (25) characters make this cut, characters like Poe Dameron (20), Mace WIndu (20), Count Dooku (16), Jar Jar Binks (13), Ahsoka Tano (12), and the Royal Guard (11)

6-10 Figures: Forty-eight (48) in this group, including Bossk (10), the Rebel Fleet Trooper (9), R5-D4 (8), Rose Tico (7), and the Gamorrean Guard (6)

4-5 Figures: Sixty-one (61) total, including Logray, Grand Admiral Thrawn, Watto, and Sabine Wren

3 Figures: Sixty-five (65) characters, like Owen Lars, Mara Jade, the First Order Snowtrooper, and Droopy McCool

2 Figures: One hundred forty-two (142) characters, including Captain Antiles, Mon Mothma, Nute Gunray, and L3-37

1 Figure: The long tail of action figure production, 558 figures of everyone else from Wes Janson to TX-21.


I know what you're thinking...some of this isn't quite fair.  For example, Rey has only been a Star Wars character for three years, where as Luke Skywalker has had over 40 years to get produced.  Plus, someone like Chewbacca only ever had one real "outfit" over most of his appearances, so he was much more likely to get repacked than resculpted as compared to someone like, for example, Han.  You're right, and Happy Beeps can adjust for this...but for that you'll have to wait for another Chart of the Day!  Let us know what you'd like to see in the Suggestion Box!


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