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Luke Skywalker by Movie

The Happy Beeps Toy Catalog contains action figures from Hasbro, Kenner, and Disney, Lego minifigs and construction sets, Funko Pops, Hot Wheels and other die-cast cars, and Plush toys from Disney and Hallmark.  Luke Skywalker is the catalog's second most popular character, with a total of 243 toys in his likeness.  This may not come as much surprise, but a full 40% of those come are likenesses from Luke's scenes in A New Hope.  This is followed by 27% from The Empire Strikes Back, 23% from Return of the Jedi, and 5% from the Sequel Trilogy (so far).  This leaves 5% for Expanded Universe toys - Luke as seen in comic book series from the original Marvel series to Dark Empire I and II.

As a Chart of the Day bonus, let's take a look inside A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back...Luke is rendered based on ten different scenes in Episode IV, and five different scenes in Episode V.  It's pretty close, but the most popular scene is Luke in his X-Wing gear during the Battle of Yavin, followed by Echo Base.

Is this the same pattern we see when we look at other Original Trilogy characters, like Han and Leia?  Keep checking the Chart of the Day to find out!


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