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#86: Cassian Andor!

Welcome back to the Happy Beeps 100, where we count down and analyze the 100 most popular Star Wars characters, vehicles and locations! 


The Happy Beeps 100 continues with #86, Captain Cassian Andor!  Like the rest of the heroes of Scarif, Captain Andor debuted in 2016 in the main Rogue One line from Hasbro.  He began with two 5 POA figures, as well as a super-articulated version which ultimately made its way to the Vintage Collection.  Two six inch figures from the Black Series (one of which was only available in a three-pack, until it was repainted for a 2021 rerelease with all new Photo-Real deco).  One shampoo-bottle 12-inch figure from Hasbro and a Disney Elite die-cast figure also released in 2016.  Two Lego minifigs, two Funko Pops!, and one die-cast character car from Hot Wheels (exclusively available in a Rogue One five-pack) round out the Happy Beeps catalog for Captain Andor - until, that it, he returns in his own Disney+ streaming series in 2022!  Can't wait - happy hunting!

The Happy Beeps 100

#86:   Cassian Andor
#87:   Kanan Jarrus
#88:   Ki-Adi Mundi
#89:   Sabine Wren
#90:   Rose Tico
#91:   4-LOM
#92:   Aayla Secura
#93:    Watto
#94:    Sith Trooper
#95:    Biggs Darklightesr
#96:    2-1B
#97:     Aurra Sing
#98:     Asajj Ventress
#99:     Maz Kanata
#100:   Sandcrawler

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