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#96 - 2-1B

Welcome back to the Happy Beeps 100, where we count down and analyze the 100 most popular Star Wars characters, vehicles and locations! 


#96, with 11 toys in the Happy Beeps database since its debut in 1980's Empire Strikes Back, is 2-1B, the medical droid who twice treated Luke Skywalker for his injuries!  This expert droid was produced four times by Kenner, most recently in 2011 for The Vintage Collection.  We also have our first entry in Gentle Giant's Jumbo Kenner reproductions.  But 2-1B wasn't just featured in Episode V...two of his four Lego minifigs were for different stories (Vader's Rebirth in Episode III, and the Sandcrawler in Episode IV).  One Funko pop and one Disney Tsum Tsum plush round out this entry in the Happy Beeps 100.  Happy hunting!

The Happy Beeps 100

#96:    2-1B
#97:     Aurra Sing
#98:     Asajj Ventress
#99:     Maz Kanata
#100:   Sandcrawler

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