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#97: Aurra Sing!

Welcome back to the Happy Beeps 100, where we count down and analyze the 100 most popular Star Wars characters, vehicles and locations! 


#97, with 11 toys manufactured between 2000 and 2021, is Aurra Sing!  Aurra first debuted in 2000 in a Masterpiece 12" edition following her blink-and-you'll-miss-it appearance in The Phantom Menace.  Her first standard scale action figure came in 2001 in the Power of the Jedi line; she enjoyed a resurgence thanks to her appearance in The Clone Wars episode Hostage Crisis.  She's got one Lego minifig, one Funko Pop! - and Disney got in the action twice in 2011, with a Disney Racer and a special Daisy Duck as Aurra action figure!  2021 brings a new 6-inch figure from the Black Series. Happy hunting!!


The Happy Beeps 100


#97:     Aurra Sing
#98:     Asajj Ventress
#99:     Maz Kanata
#100:   Sandcrawler


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