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#99: Maz Kanata!

Welcome back to the Happy Beeps 100, where we count down and analyze the 100 most popular Star Wars characters, vehicles and locations! 

#99, with 11 toys manufactured since 2016 is Maz Kanata!  Maz has had only one 3 3/4-inch mold from Hasbro, but lucky us, there are three separate paint applications you can acquire - two from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and one hologram figure from The Last Jedi. We've also got one Black Series 6'inch figure  Maz also has one Lego minifig which came with her castle, two Funko pops (one goggles down, one goggles up), one Hot Wheels race car, and THREE plush toys (one Disney Tsum Tsum which comes with a big Chewbacca, on Hallmark Itty Bitty, and one doll from Toydarian Toymakers at Disney's Galaxy's Edge!  Happy hunting!

The Happy Beeps 100

#99:     Maz Kanata
#100:   Sandcrawler


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