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Ahsoka, Andor, and The Acolyte (and Skeleton Crew)!

The Disney Lucasfilm Studio Panel from London has wrapped, and it did NOT disappoint!  We got a new Ahsoka trailer, attendees got a glimpse of Skeleton Crew, there was news about next year's The Acolyte, and even Season 2 of Andor!  The Happy Beeps storytelling catalog has been updated to our best guess about timing for all four upcoming series - check them out at the links below, and explore the full Star Wars timeline to your heart's content!  


Ahsoka: August 2023 (confirmed)

Skeleton Crew: Fall / Winter 2023 (estimate)

The Acolyte: Spring 2024 (estimate)

Andor Season 2: August 2024 (estimate)

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