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Book of Boba Fett Rancor from Iron Studios!

A new Demi Art Scale figurine from Iron Studios, depicting a scene from the season finale of last year's Book of Boba Fett!  The Rancor!

In the rustic and dangerous desert planet of Tatooine, on a battlefield in the populated city of Mos Espa controlled by the criminal Hutt Cartel, the old bounty hunter and crime lord, now a Daimyo, a local ruler maintained through the allegiance and tribute of vassals, rides the back of a giant and fearsome bipedal beast, that balances the fight in favor of its master, and under his control, destroys a lethal enemy combat droid. With the wreckage at his feet, the monster holds one of the metallic legs of the machine in his huge left hand and raises with his right hand a soldier of the Pyke Syndicate, which are rivals of his tutor in the underworld. An epic combat set is represented in the Boba Fett & Rancor statue, inspired by Chapter 7: In the Name of Honor from the TV series, The Book of Boba Fett.

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