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Captain Enoch and Night Trooper come to Hot Toys!

Two new Ahsoka sixth-scale figures announced from Hot Toys!  Pre-order links on the way as soon as they're available - happy hunting!


【Star Wars: Ahsoka™ - 1/6th scale Captain Enoch™ Collectible Figure】

Grand Admiral Thrawn’s captain of the guard, Captain Enoch is an ominous sentinel. Enoch wears a modified helmet with a golden face hammered into his mask.

Continuing the collectible series of the highly acclaimed, Star Wars: Ahsoka, Hot Toys is delighted to present the new 1/6th scale Captain Enoch™ collectible figure.

The highly-accurate collectible figure is meticulously crafted based on the appearance of Captain Enoch featuring a greatly detailed helmet and armors with crackle-effect painted in metallic gold, masterfully applied weathering effects, blaster, and a figure base!

Recruit the figure of Captain Enoch into your Star Wars collection today!


【Star Wars: Ahsoka™ - 1/6th scale Night Trooper™ Collectible Figure】

Loyal to Grand Admiral Thrawn™ and inhumanly persistent, the Night Troopers were once stormtroopers now animated by sinister majik of the Great Mothers to become a macabre fighting force.

Following the reveal of the Captain Enoch™ figure, Hot Toys is excited to present the 1/6th scale Night Trooper collectible figure in distinctive armor to expand on your Ahsoka collection!

The highly-accurate collectible figure is crafted based on the thrilling Night Trooper featuring a faithful recreation of the Night Trooper helmet and armors with laser-engraved crackle-effect and metallic gold paint application, along with the delicate hand-wrapped fabric to add an extra layer of authenticity and visual interest. The skillfully applied weathering effects further enhance the realism of the figure, giving it a worn and battle-hardened look. It also includes blasters and a figure base for posing options.

Build up your Star Wars: Ahsoka collection with the new 1/6th scale Night Trooper Collectible Figure today!

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