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First Star Wars Celebration Europe Exclusives

Announced on, we have images of the first exclusive merchandise from the Star Wars Celebration store, available only at the London Star Wars convention opening April 7!  Happy Beeps will not be in London next week, but we'll provide all the coverage we can from our home base!  Most of the revealed merchandise so far is apparel (which Happy Beeps doesn't catalog), but there are some great Ewok-themed pieces all the same!  Happy Hunting!

Assemble a command crew for your shuttle. Star Wars Celebration Europe 2023 is almost here, and is excited to reveal a selection of exclusives you'll find at the Show Store. From Ewok celebrations of the 40th anniversary of Return of the Jedi, to on-theme icons that give a nod to the London setting with a tea set and football jersey, and a rancor bottle opener fit for a Daimyo, there's something for everyone. Stay on target to for even more exclusive merchandise reveals, and enjoy this sneak peek!

Featured Merchandise

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