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Gentle Giant announces its SDCC Exclusives!

Gentle Giant has announced its exclusive San Diego ComicCon - R2-D2 from the 1979 Droid Factory playset, and a new Pre Viszla mini-bust.  Links below are informational, but the products should come up for Guild members in the next few weeks.  Happy Hunting!


A Gentle Giant, Ltd. San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive! It's R2-D2 as you remember him! For the first time, Gentle Giant, Ltd. is releasing a replica of the astromech droid, R2-D2, inspired by the vintage 1979 Droid Factory set. Measuring approximately 7 inches tall, our convention-exclusive Star Wars™ Jumbo FIgure comes with a removable third leg. This limited-edition figure comes packaged in a full-color box and is limited to only 500 pieces.


A Gentle Giant, Ltd. San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive! During the Clone Wars, Pre Vizsla served as governor of Concordia, a moon of Mandalore. But Vizsla had a secret life as the leader of Death Watch, a hidden group of Mandalorian commandos seeking control of their planet. Beginning July 17th, a collectible inspired by Pre Vizsla's Star Wars: The Clone Wars™ appearance joins Gentle Giant, Ltd.'s line of 1:6 scale Mini Busts! Sculpted raising the legendary Darksaber, this San Diego Exclusive item measures approximately 7 inches tall, and features interchangeable helmeted and unhelmeted heads. Limited to only 750 pieces!

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