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Han Solo Crystallized Relic from Sideshow

Arsham Studio and Sideshow are proud to present the Han Solo™ in Carbonite™: Crystallized Relic Statue, a new fine art Star Wars Collectible from world-renowned contemporary fine artist Daniel Arsham.

Sculpted in Daniel Arsham’s signature style of creating future relics, this Han Solo fine art statue blends the timelessness of pop culture with the natural erosion of elements. The result is a contemporary piece of mythmaking that uncovers a piece of galactic history for collectors and art enthusiasts to enjoy. The sculpture reimagines the iconic design of this dashing smuggler frozen in carbonite containment, turning him into an archaeological monument from a long time ago and far, far away. Arsham's proprietary crystalline patterns artfully blend with the complexity of the figure's construction, with cast details perfectly preserved and scaled down from a life-size, hand-made, and unique fine artwork made by Arsham Studio.

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