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Life Sized Wicket Plush at ShopDisney!

A new life-sized plush of Wicket the Ewok just launched at ShopDisney!  

Just how tall is an Ewok? This giant Ewok collectors plush figure stands over three feet tall and weighs a hefty thirty pounds. Almost as tall as the real creature and just as fiercely adorable, this super size plush is modeled after the great Wicket W. Warrick. Created with exacting detail with a collector's eye for authenticity, he looks as if he has just stepped out of the forest of Endor. From his furry body and simulated leather cloak to his sparkling eyes and toothy expression, this very special plush makes a huge impression. Created in honor of the 40th Anniversary of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, Wicket is a thrilling gift for the Star Wars collector and super fan alike.

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