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New Egg Action Falcon from Beast Kingdom

Beast Kingdom's classic magnetic levitation Egg Attack Floating series brings back the iconic spaceship from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, the iconic Millennium Falcon. To recreate the Millennium Falcon, meticulous attention was given to carving out every detail of the spaceship, including the mechanical structures, the AG-2G quad laser cannons on the upper and lower turrets, and the radar dish. The high-quality coloring techniques give the Falcon an aged look, allowing fans to see the many battle scars the Falcon endured through countless wars. Embedded LED lights enhance the overall effect, making the Falcon even more impressive, especially when the lights are dimmed. Finally, equipped with a new matte black magnetic base, fans can enjoy the Millennium Falcon as it flies through the Kessel Run in an impressive 20 parsecs. Take home this stunning collector's piece, fit for any avid Star Wars fan, both new and old, only from an official Beast Kingdom outlet.

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