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New Gold Porcelain Vader Statue from LLadro

Lladro announces a new porcelain rendition of Darth Vader finished in gold - limited to only 70 units and debuting at Star Wars celebration this weekend!!


One of the most feared Sith lords in the known universe is the subject of the latest creation by Lladró artists. The Star Wars Celebration, held this year in London starting April 7, was chosen as the ideal place to unveil a very special limited edition of Darth Vader: the ultimate exponent of the dark side of the Force is available in just 70 units finished in gold, to mark the brand’s 70th anniversary.

Darth Vader has entered the popular imagination as one of the greatest movie villains of all time. The terrifying Dark Sith Lord is recognized all over the world thanks to his legendary uniform and his particular almost robotic movement. These characteristics have been captured to perfection thanks to the painstaking etching and the dynamic design charged with the “force” that controls all living creatures in a galaxy far, far away.

The new Lladró creation is an excellent example of the diversity of the Valencia-based brand over its seven decades revolutionizing the world of porcelain. A further demonstration of an artisan craft taken to a new creative dimension with the Star Wars universe.

The iconic character has already been depicted in a handmade creation by Lladró artists, in a sold-out limited edition of 504 units launched in 2022. A must-have for all lovers of Star Wars, the creation in porcelain portrayed Darth Vader in all his magnetism, in matte black with touches of glaze, striking an impressive presence at almost 50 cm tall. The number of units in the edition, 504, was chosen as a homage to Star Wars day, May 4.

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