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New R2-D2 / C-3PO Art Scale Figure from Iron Studios!

he most famous pair of droids from a galaxy far, far away are now an exclusive statue by Iron Studios!

On a moisture farm on a desertic, hot, and arid world called Tatooine, a small astromech droid and his best friend and ally, an eloquent protocol droid, begin another adventure tied by destiny and the dynasty of the Skywalker family. In this remote place, dedicated to the production of water through the drawing of moisture
from the dry air, both robotic partners are on a mission with the goal of delivering an extremely important message to an old Jedi Master. Joining forces with the young Luke Skywalker, these unmistakable droids begin another adventure, joining the Rebel Alliance and helping to pave the way to victory and the fall of the evil Galactic Empire. Always together, they are the only characters present in all the 9 movies of the saga, in the spin-off Rogue One, and much more. Among the most beloved characters from Star Wars, Iron Studios proudly presents this statue of C-3PO and R2-D2, together for the first time in a statue by Iron Studios.

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