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Timeline Showcase: The High Republic

This week, the second wave of books were released from Phase 1 of Lucasfilm's multi-license mega-story, The High Republic.  Anchored by a series of adult novels from Del Rey, the multi-faceted tale includes comics from Marvel and IDW, short stories published in Star Wars Insider, young adult and children's books from Disney Press, and more on the way.  We haven't seen any action figures or other toys from the High Republic just yet, but I'd put good credits on that coming in 2022...for now, Happy Beeps lets you browse the entire publishing program in one place, as well as link to other Star Wars works by the primary authors like Charles Soule, Claudia Gray, Justina Ireland, Cavan Scott, and Daniel Jose Older.  Happy reading!


Check out Happy Beep's page for the High Republic!


Browse the entire Star Wars timeline for 45 years of storytelling and non-fiction!


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